Re-thinking the functionality of a modern stainless steel water bottle.



Because Nima is always moving, she likes to pack as light as she can. She is in need of a durable water bottle that fits her mobile lifestyle and won’t take up too much space.


Able’s water bottle is able to collapse to half of its size, minimizing that space that it takes up anywhere.

The name able was created after noticing similarities in words that described the innovative bottle design.

Many sketches and thumbnails were generated to help think of various solutions to common problems users experience with stainless steel water bottles.

Thanks to a collaborative process with a few product engineers, many prototypes were created trying to best represent how the able bottle would function overall.

They demonstrated how to use CAD software to create the prototypes.

Soon after 3D print testing, various packaging prototypes were generated to help determine the best way to display visual aspects and branding on the final product.

The final able bottle can not only collapse to half of its size, but also has a removable base and cap for easy cleaning.

It includes a handle, flip-up opening for drinking/filling and transparent window for viewing the water level.

Though only having access to plastic material, it was still determined how the bottle would actually function if it was made out of stainless steel.

After finalizing the print of the bottle, it was determined that the shape reminds users of the classic “koozie” sleeve. As a result, an interchangeable silicone sleeve may be incorporated to help with grip and personality.

Final packaging for able includes a thick backer card with a peg hole so that the bottle has the option to hang in stores when needed.

It also includes a label in the front to briefly demonstrate how the bottle functions so that users may want to interact with it at point of purchase.

Includes a flip-up lid with smooth edges for mouth to rest.

Top has a wide opening for filling and fitting ice cubes.

Features an adjustable handle for easy carrying.

Has a removable top and base to easily clean by dishwasher or by hand.

The overall shape fits easily in most cup holders.

A possible advertisement for able is a full spread magazine ad that uses a photo-window style of layout with call-outs. The ad would show different phases of the bottle and its functionality to help intrigue the reader.

A one page layout for the able website would display the product front and center on the screen. As you scroll, it will show the different components start to move and call out their purpose.