Grzegorz Wenc, MBA

McLaren & Associates is rich in experience and diversity, and nowhere is there a better example of this than Grzeg (the “z” is silent) Wenc.
Grzeg’s story is a classic successful American immigrant tale about leaving behind an old way of life (Tarnow, Poland, in Grzeg’s case) in search of greater opportunity. He had fine role-models for this in his parents—his father was first to come to America, enabling Grzeg to follow and begin fulfilling his own dreams of self-improvement in 1990.

After settling in New England Grzeg earned his MBA at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI. It’s a testament to his drive and dedication that, although he had the option to complete his undergrad studies early, Grzeg chose to take an additional eight courses in order to further sharpen and improve his skills.

Grzeg is an excellent addition to the firm’s specialty: forensic accounting (“I find it absolutely fascinating!”) and through his accounting skills and attention to detail, he has quickly made himself an invaluable team member. He’s combined his love of his craft with an appreciation for the close family atmosphere at McLaren & Associates. “It’s my ideal environment.”

When he’s not at work, Grzeg is devoted to family life. Nothing gives him more pleasure than being with his wife Jaclyn in their Webster home, sharing their lives (and pierogi) with family.

Guilty pleasure? American football.