Event planning and environmental design for an annual gala.



With the long list of local non-profits asking for numerous donations, Art can only help out so much. He wants to find an organization that will benefit the community and push toward a better future.


By pushing the theme “Unite” for MindShare 2017, the event can show Paul the effect of coming together as a community to help the educational system and its students.

By conducting research on past MindShare events and the overall goals of SAF and the people involved, it was discovered that the annual gathering strives to raise money for the Grand Rapids educational system.

Through conducting user interviews with the audience of MindShare, it was determined that most people remember the kids, stories, and value the strength of the community.

The MindShare team came up with an overall driving statment based on the feedback from users.

After the research of past MindShare events, a blue sky exercise was conducted to help determine all touch points.

Regular meetings with clients kept us on track and helped when approval was needed for different pieces.

Many sketches and thumbnails were generated to help push the group in a creative direction toward a concept.

After gaining some knowledge on where the project could lead, additional components were able to be determined such as color and type usage.


By staying united, we become stronger and provide more support to our students.

Inspirational Quote:

"The community is only as strong as the school district."


Utilizing our tools to make an impact beyond the school system.

Inspirational Quote:

"GRSAF provides resources to students that lead to better opportunities. They fill in the gaps."

Becoming Me

My future is bright. This is my story, and you are a part of it. Becoming me depends on you.

Inspirational Quote:

"Stories give the event a human face."

Working with string started as a unique idea that brought up multiple problems that were faced as a group. Applications of it on different mediums were tested various times.

The design for MindShare involved many variations of prototypes for many touch points. The team was able to visually keep track of consistency by keeping things tacked on a large poster board.

SAF allowed working with a photographer to get personal and unique photos of kids from Grand Rapids Public Schools which would later be used in different touch points.

Initial pieces were used to attract the audience of MindShare to the event including newspaper ads, the website and digital save the dates.

The most important physical piece that users would receive included the invitation packet which included the Invitation, envelopes and RSVP which kept a similar aesthetic.

Environmentals for the event included actual physical string and materials to help the event stand out from others. Starting from the sky walk, the string starts to lead you toward the event.

As users would enter the ballroom, more string is used to attract them towards the stage. These pieces included a large “UNITE” frame with uniting string, a podium stand that is placed in front of the speaker and a take away bracelet made by the students.




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