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The CPA team with a strategy!
Reduce your taxes and avoid red flags

"No one is as knowledgeable as McLaren & Associates as to what deductions are available to reduce the tax burden on my business. I've used him for a long time and I'm very happy."

  Ray, Small Business Owner, Providence, RI

Tax Planning: We won't just take your numbers and write them in a return. We actively plan to save you money. We find a strategy to reduce your taxes and avoid red flags.

Tax Preparation: For us, this service is about more than just filing forms for you—it's about relishing the opportunity to apply our skill, our experience, and a combined average of more than 100 hours (annually) of new tax knowledge.

Fraud Detection and Deterrence: Fraud affects more small businesses than larger ones. Why? There is less segregation of tasks in small businesses than in larger ones, so there's more opportunity to commit fraud and theft. We specialize in fraud detection and deterrence. We've been called on to work with the FBI, the U.K. Ministry of Defense, and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Divorce Services: There are many reasons to call in an expert to look at the business books when the decision is made to divorce. We have more than 15 years of experience and we:

• Accurately value businesses for settlements and look beyond numbers into "crevices" for hidden monies.

• Look for tax savings in divorce cases.

• Use an investigative approach to ensure equitable settlements.

• Are caring and understanding in times of upheaval and stress.

• Are good at compassionate "hand-holding" throughout this ordeal.

International Tax and Business Law: We have more than 11 years experience in European, South American, and Asian business and tax law, yet we offer significantly more value at a better price than other firms whose CPAs have no experience in these areas.

Business Building: We analyze your data, find the roadblocks that are slowing
your business growth, and repair, reconstruct and build your business.

"What do I like about Dave McLaren and his company? He's very knowledgeable, easy to reach, and proactive about problems. He has a professional quality yet he's so easy to talk to—a friend and business growth partner."

Dan, Builder, Shrewsbury, MA

"I wish we had him from day one, both personally and in the business. We wouldn't have been in that mess (with the partnership) if we'd had Dave from the start."

Emilie, Physician, Shrewsbury, MA

"Dave's done a lot for me. After my divorce, he reconstructed my books… . My ex-wife just threw all the receipts in the box—it was a mess. Dave kept the IRS off my back. He did wonders for me during that very stressful time. I'll never leave him. I've owned this business for 23 years, gone through many accountants—none match Dave McLaren."

Kevin, Landscape Architect, Shrewsbury, MA