Complete brand design for an organic cleaning product.



With being a nurse and having two young kids, Jasmine is very careful with the cleaning products that she buys. She is in need of an organic cleaning product that is safe and convenient to use.


“Tru” is a purely organic cleaning product with only natural ingredients. It is safe for being around children not only with these ingredients but also with its curved shapes making it smooth. It also includes grips for easy holding on-the-go.

The colors chosen to represent the brand are meant to represent serenity but also promote happiness. Colors are also used to stand for certain scents.

The main logo for tru is meant to represent the safety and integrity of the brand and its products. The silhouette of a hand is shown in the upright position as if an oath were taking place. The illustration of a swirl on the hand implies that the ingredients are safe for use on human skin.

The logo and identity for tru can be displayed variously on many items. The main rule is to never crop or cover where the swirl is when the hand is being shown on the product.

Working with product engineers and 3D printers helped to create models of potential packaging for tru. It was necessary to keep in mind how the primary and secondary users would each be using the product on a day-by-day basis.

The final model shapes for the brand included 3 main products. They all were meant to have an organic look and feel with rounded edges. These also helped the products to be more safe with no sharp angles.

Gripping threads were also included on the sides of the products so that they would be easy to pick up and hold on to at any time.

Final packaging for tru can be shown in any of the four colors from the color palette. Logos are used differently on separate products according to the visual standards, but still keep consistency across the brand.

The brand manual for tru was long and extensive. It detailed everything that you need to know about the brand and gives instructions on how to handle certain touch points.

The website for tru will be shown on a desktop as fairly minimal and clean but highlight the brand’s bright color scheme. The landing page will be the “shop” screen where users can view and purchase products right away.

On the mobile version of the tru website, the main items will stack so users can easily scroll down screens.

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